Dominion Platform

Unified HSIA Platform – Dominion

At the core of Blueprint RF’s complete network solution is a new, distributed architecture which delivers multiple service features to improve guest and hotel connectivity. Blueprint RF’s platform architecture starts with Dominion, a cutting-edge, on-site network appliance that delivers all the features found in three separate network appliances.

Circuit Load Balancing

Gateway authentication/user access control, Property Management Systems interfacing (folio billing), premium bandwidth offerings (includes “tiered” bandwidth control)

Packet Shaping – for policy-based Internet traffic shaping and prioritization

Since Dominion is a single appliance, one OS platform allows all features to work in a seamless fashion – from end-to-end. Alternatively, when three separate appliances are used, as is commonly the case today, disparate device operating systems do not interact smoothly. Many useful features must be disabled for the entire stack to pass Internet traffic without incident. While Dominion features a single, seamless operating platform, it is also far less costly than the typical “network stack” (three separate appliances), while at the same time consuming significantly less energy to operate.

In working as a powerful controller device, Dominion also collects and archives all critical network information in Blueprint RF’s cloud-hosted data warehouse, Master Data Management Source (MDMS). This information is then lifted from Dominion (and other sources) into Blueprint RF’s unique cloud-hosted application, the Dashboard. This single Dashboard displays multiple “summary views” to display critical network activities such as; trouble ticket activity and network use statistics, network health monitoring, circuit load monitoring and reporting, Internet traffic reporting by category (e.g. peer-to-peer, email, VPN, etc.) and folio billing details, as well as the capacity to customize each report. Summary views offer deep drill-down flexibility to examine specific category data in more detail. Dominion makes possible localized and deep data collection in real-time, while the cloud application archives all combinations of data over much longer periods – via master SQL servers. The result creates powerful views and combinations keeping hotel facility and IT managers fully informed.
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The Blueprint RF High Availability Model

While Dominion delivers a powerful combination of seamless HSIA functions, Blueprint RF also offers a high availability model for premium connectivity. Among the upgrades from the standard Dominion server to the Blueprint RF High Availability Model include first-class features such as redundant power supplies and hard drives, 4 WAN interfaces for link aggregation, up to 1 GB throughput capacity and full-mirrored hard drives for added reliability.

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