Blueprint RF Dashboard Application

Blueprint RF delivers a comprehensive view into all critical network activities through a secure and permissions-managed, web-based dashboard. The Dashboard display is divided into several graphical windows, each representing critical success areas (and live data) needed to produce a successful connected session, every time. Windows focus on overall bandwidth consumption, bandwidth consumption by circuit, device uptime reports, Call Center reports and activities, total number and type of connected device, and major traffic types (e.g. shopping, travel, social media, peer-to-peer, etc.) and top 10 URLs.

Blueprint RF’s comprehensive network activities reporting in made possible, in part, by Dominion. Dominion is a complete hospitality network operations platform housed in a single, seamless appliance (circuit load balancing, gateway authentication and access control, and traffic prioritization (traffic shaping). In addition to delivering a broad array of network enhancing features, it is also designed to opportunistically capture all key LAN activity metrics. These metrics are then fed into “summary views” on the Dashboard. Some of these views include:

Bandwidth availability and consumption rates – by individual circuit and in total

User access statistics, by date and time (number of unique users and devices, and number of unique sessions by each user)

Fully monitored network health and uptime metrics for all network devices (server, access points, switches, Internet circuit, etc.)

Customer report that displays any “incidents” or “escalations” with specific details to monitor guest satisfaction

Internet traffics patterns (all Internet traffic is captured and categorized. Typical categories include: travel, shopping, email, IM, VPN, peer-to-peer, streaming media, and more). Further, reported categories can be customized by request to capture aggregate traffic to a specific URL or application for example.

Dominion delivers data in regular intervals to its paired and cloud-hosted Master Data Management Source (MDMS). The MDMS houses Dominion data for long term storage and contextual retrieval, allowing for unique combinations of analysis reports on the Dashboard that result in valuable business intelligence. In addition, the MDMS receives and manages relevant data from other resources, beyond the hotel property, such as Call Center statistics, and individual trouble-ticket details and recorded calls via Blueprint RF Call Center.

The MDMS is an enterprise-grade, fully relational database designed to support deep business intelligence queries, on demand (e.g. HSIA stats, energy use, Internet traffic indexing), and its’ structured results auto-populate customer facing dashboards – accessible via permissions-based web applications.

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