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The Blueprint RF SmartCenter Solution

Blueprint RF’s unique SmartCenter solution enables hotel guests to easily connect on-the-go, without worrying about the hassle of security.

Each personalized platform begins with:

Blueprint RF’s session-to-session cleaning Security Suite software

Advanced Dell PC’s featuring Touch-Screen technology and a fully customizable portal page and “Hotel Concierge” apps, such as Microsoft Office, Internet Email, links to local services and information

Secured USB ports for safe client printing

Each PC connects to a 4 port wired/wireless switch (and access point)

Printer Options – Wide selection of advanced Dell printers, with warranty programs included

In addition to these features, Blueprint RF offers the flexibility to design each SmartCenter to meet unique and “dedicated” needs. Dedicated Smart Center examples include: one-step Board Pass management, Weather Services for flight planning, Local Services Concierge, and hotel check-in assistance.

Blueprint RF also provides 24/7/365 SmartCenter monitoring and technical support services (remote and/or onsite).

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