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Blueprint RF enjoys an excellent industry reputation for quality network design, solid delivery and support services, and continuous innovation. Built from the ground up by a team of highly qualified industry leaders and innovators, the company has designed a complete network solution that fully meets the needs of the property, staff and guests. In addition, Blueprint RF leverages the full potential of its comprehensive solution – delivering:

Unified Dominion platform that delivers the functionality of three network devices in one

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Archival of all critical network data and performance metrics

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Display of “summary views” on unique Dashboard application for assessment of business intelligence

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24/7 multi-tiered phone and on-site technical support

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A property’s core data network is its central nervous system – capable of impacting guest satisfaction and providing deep insight into facility asset value, operations and guest activities. Blueprint RF provides the complete solution, from the installation of next-generation critical components to full support of all devices to maximize guest satisfaction, customizing each step along the way to the specific property.

Comprised of a team of industry veterans, Blueprint RF fully understands the complex architectural difference behind all forms of hospitality. While its main focus is geared towards hotels, Blueprint RF also currently provides its solution to airports and restaurants, as well as offering additional services, such as the Blueprint RF SmartCenter Solution.

Blueprint RF is passionate about the businesses of hospitality. Blueprint RF’s mission is to help bring the different businesses and their staff closer to the guest experience.

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